Startup materials supplier cruises into new year

Dunpy bags from Cornwhaul

We all know the struggles that has faced the construction industry for the last 2 years, which has been caused by firstly Brexit & then the COVID 19 pandemic. The small, independent merchants Cornwhaul are proving that these nationwide issues can be worked through as they get ready to celebrate its full year of successful […]

Extreme heat in the UK puts construction sites in the balance

Extreme Heat

Building sites across the UK are being faced with record heat with some areas of the UK forecasting temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius. One of the leading developers, Sir Robert Mc Alpine has suggested that they me forced to close some sites to protect the welfare of their workers. Decisions on closing sites will not […]

CITB Fully Supports Metal Health

Supporting mental health in Construction is a priority This is according to the CEO of CITB, Tim Balcon who adds: “I am under no illusion that there are many reasons why construction has a poor record on mental health. Factors include working away from home; heavy workloads; long working hours; prejudice; late payments and job […]

Inflation Is Still Causing Price Rises

Following the COVID pandemic, material costs are still on the rise Where the demand for building materials is still on the price, the price of inflation is still following the trend. BMF recently reported that the value of sales was just over 17% but as general inflation rose to 9%, the volume in comparison only […]

Wainhomes Announces Exciting New Development

Another Large Scale Development Premier home builder Wain homes have been granted outline planning permission for  the construction of 159 new houses at 2 sites in the west midlands. This exiting new development will be one of the first for Wainhomes in the west midland which adds to their expanding portfolio. 2022 marks the 50th […]