Supporting mental health in Construction is a priority

This is according to the CEO of CITB, Tim Balcon who adds: “I am under no illusion that there are many reasons why construction has a poor record on mental health. Factors include working away from home; heavy workloads; long working hours; prejudice; late payments and job insecurity. Poor management practices and a lack of understanding can add to the problem, too”

A study recently revealed that 26% of construction workers had experienced suicidal thoughts and a staggering 91% felt overwhelmed. A great tradigy of this is that on average 2 construction workers commit suicide every day.

CITB have partnered with The Lighthouse Club & Samaritans and have already trained 8000 mental health first aiders for the industry which further bolsters their support for a healthy workplace. CITB is set to announce further support which is likely to include an apprentice scheme.

Over 1.5 million has already been awarded by CITB for mental health projects. In addition to this over 1.3 million has been given in grants to support mental health first aid & awareness courses

If your mental health has been affecticed whever you are in the construction industry or not, you can contact Samaritans here:

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