Building sites across the UK are being faced with record heat with some areas of the UK forecasting temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius. One of the leading developers, Sir Robert Mc Alpine has suggested that they me forced to close some sites to protect the welfare of their workers. Decisions on closing sites will not be down to the top executives but left to the project manager on the worst affected sites.

the Met Office’s chief executive told the BBC yesterday morning that the thermostat was approaching 30 degrees Celsius  at 10AM in London and the South-east.

Last week the government issued a neveer seen before ‘red alert’ for heat for the first two days of this week. Due to the current and further expected heat, there is a danger to life through heat stroke & exhaustion.

Today’s forecast for London is on the region of 39 degrees Celsius with humidity at 26%. People within London should exercise caution when carrying out daily tasks. Fluid should be kept topped up at all times & shade should be sought as much as possible.

many smaller independent  construction sites have already called time due to the extreme working conditions, many of which are expected to return to work on Wednesday 20th July once the worth of the heatwave has subsided. 

Extreme Heat

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